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Steve's Doughnuts, LLC
Doughnuts Make You Happy!
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Dearest Customers,

       Is it possible that we have been at it for four years now? I don’t have words for how humbling and inspirational
this journey has been. The dream of creating a neighborhood doughnut shop was one part bold and two parts
crazy, but here we are! Becoming part of all your lives has fulfilled our vision of being a hub of happiness.
       We have sacrificed a lot to make this become reality, and 2015 is the year that we need to round the growth
corner and actually start drawing a paycheck. Spending money to stay in business, as it turns out, isn’t a
sustainable business model, so we have a series of changes that can, with your help, get us to our goal:
    •        Updated Hours: As of Jan. 5 we are closed Monday and Tuesday (data analysis showed too little
    growth those days), but we are open a half hour earlier on the remaining days.
    o        Tue-Fri: 5:30am-11am
    o        Saturday: 6:30am-12pm
    o        Sunday: 6:30am-11am
    •        Dedicated Specialty Days: We are committing certain days to certain recipes, in addition to our
    regular doughnut rotation. Our hope is that this will give a boost to our weekday sales as well as give you
    all something to tell your friends about.
    o        Wednesday: Droissants
    o        Thursday: Muffins and Brownies
    o        Friday: Bagels
    o        Saturday: Cinnamon Rolls
    o        Sunday: Scones
    •        Living Social: Starting 1/17 we will be featured on LivingSocial. This is not really a profitable
    undertaking, since we get about 22 cents on the dollar, but it is an excellent way to get our name out there a
    little further, and for our loyal customers it’s a great way to get an amazing deal. I would ask that you take
    that a few steps further:
    o        Share the deal with your social networks!
    o        Buy the deal as a gift for your friends and family who haven’t discovered us yet!
    •        Work, Church, Clubs: If you have a group that could use doughnuts, please suggest us! We just got a
    big order for a local business, and that one order saved our weekly sales last week (curse you, New Year’s
    Resolutions!), and every bit helps.
    •        Wholesale: We currently have our products at Sno-Valley Coffee, Rose Ridge Café and Wanted
    Coffee. Do you have a favorite local business that would be better with Steve’s Doughnuts? Suggest us to

The last part of our 2015 strategy is to ask
you, our loyal customers, to help spread the word about Steve’s
. We’ve become a huge underground hit, but underground doesn’t get the rent paid, so please help us
get the word out! Social Media is our strongest vector of communication, and with your help we’d like to see that
grow. As of 1/15 we are at:
    •        Facebook: 660 Likes (StevesDoughnuts)
    •        Twitter: 40 Followers (@Stevesdoughnuts)
    •        Instagram: 39 Followers (stevesdoughnuts)
    •        Vine: 3 Followers, it’s brand new (Steve’s Doughnuts)
Tell your friends, repost, retweet, re… gram? Re-vine? Is that just ensnare? Anyway, get the word out! Help us grow
these numbers!

Thanks for all your love and support,

Steve and Katie